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Expert Schmexpert

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Expert Schmexpert

From the moment you find out you are with child….every man, woman and child has an opinion on what you should and how you should do it.  Some suggestions just insult a person’s common sense and others are little gems of knowledge.

Quite possibly the best piece of advice I received while pregnant was: 
‘Everyone is going to want to put their two cents in. Everyone is going to believe they are right.  Just smile, nod your head and say thank you.  Take what you want and discard the rest’

Take a look on any mummy advice site and you will find a range of different opinions on how things should be done.  Some will work for your child some will not.  Also keep in mind that just because the miracle cure worked yesterday…doesn’t mean you won’t be back to square one again tomorrow.  Roll with the punches.

Some articles though are just down right stupid and insult any normal person’s intelligence.  Did you know they have done a study to discover that play is important to a child’s development.  Yep that’s right, someone paid ‘experts’ to discover something that mums and dads all over the world know already.  Those experts must have been laughing all the way to the bank.

I am definitely not by any stretch of the imagination a mother who follows the rules of the book.  In fact I think the rule book is around here somewhere holding up a table leg.  You know what though…Dyllan has turned out fine so far.  He’s loving, he learns new words every day and most of the time he isn’t the spawn of the devil.

See not strange at all ;)

What's the strangest, best. stupidest advice you have received as a parent?

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