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Are you on crack?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Are you on crack?

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Have you watched children's television lately?  I'm pretty sure all of the creators are on crack....lots and lots of it.

Mini Man is in love with In The Night Garden, which is by far the craziest of crazy shows.  It has 5 main characters who all have their own 'quirks'.  There is the 'pothead' aka Iggle Piggle who falls over all the time and has to take his blanky with him everywhere.  The 'slut' aka Upsy Daisy is next, she has to take her bed wherever she goes and often performs 'special dances' for the other characters. I don't have a witty name for the 3 brothers aka The tombliboos who live together and are often losing their pants.  Lastly is the 'OCD sufferer' aka Makka Pakka who must wash everyone before talking to them.  Like I said strange.
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What happened to the 'good' shows like when I was growing up? Oh yes I went there, I did the well when I was young comment.  Seriously.  Political correctness has gotten in the way of good old fashioned entertainment.  Cookie monster has to eat vegetables because his binge eating of cookies was apparently promoting childhood obesity.  The teletubbies were cancelled because the purple one has the gay symbol on it's head.  Like I'm sure that every kid knows that one.  Oscar the grouch was nearly wiped because he promoted living like a vagrant.  Yeh it's gotten that stupid.

So are the new producers really on crack or has political correctness just gotten in the way of good entertainment.

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At 23 January 2013 at 21:12 , Blogger Alison said...

Ha ha - love your description of ITNG - Ashlea is obsessed with that show!


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