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Sometimes it feels just like highschool.....

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sometimes it feels just like highschool.....

Facebook baby....sometimes it's great and other times it fucking sucks balls.

This week it's sucked balls....big fat hairy balls.  Shit hit the fan and it felt just like high school and not in a good way.  True colours were shown.

Keyboard warriors are a big problem in social media.  Everyone is tough when they are sitting behind a computer.... 
This is probably why cyber bullying is on the rise, it's so 'easy' to do. All you have to own is a computer and nasty wit.  I'm 'friends' with a few teenagers on facebook and if I had a dollar for every time there was an arse chewing on someone's status I'd be a fricking lady of leisure.  It's disgusting.  I'm so glad that there was no facebook when I was in school.  It was hard enough without having to deal with social media on top of it.

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