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Jo-Baz Hair Colour Remover Review

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jo-Baz Hair Colour Remover Review

I received one Jo-Baz product to review. All opinions are my own.

I have already tried the Jo-Baz straightening product so when I was given the opportunity to trial the colour remover I was excited.  I have been dying my hair since I was 15. I was 'gifted' the awesome family genes that meant I started going grey at 13.  Now at 24 I'm all salt and pepper.  In the past I have gone with blue black as a favourite colour, which of course meant that it was next to impossible to go anything lighter.  My one attempt at doing a home job of going lighter resulted in me having bright red roots and no change the rest of my hair.  Going lighter was something I trusted to the professionals.  My last hair dressing appointment took 4.5 hours to lighten and redye, so I was a little skeptical when this product boasted being able to remove colour in the same amount of time as a hair dye.

  This is what my hair looked like when I started. The last colour that I put in was a Burgundy, which went from a nice purple to a kind of washed out reddish brown within a few weeks.

  According to the Jo-Baz website the Hair Colour remover works on the artificial dye molecules in your hair by shrinking them and allowing them to be washed away.  It is great for that colour that doesn't quite look how you want it or for when you want a quick change.  It is available in Normal and Max Strength.  Normal is used for medium tones, while Max is used for darker tones.  The product that I used was the Max strength.
When reading through the instructions I was surprised with how straight forward it seemed. I wondered if it would be that simple.  I was thankfully pleasantly surprised.  It was in fact much easier than putting a dye through my hair.  There were only a few simple steps and I was all finished in about  an hour.  Normally a hair dye takes me close to 45 minutes just to apply!
For the rinsing out the colour remover the instructions stated to take 5-10 minutes depending on the length of your hair.  It was 5 blissful minutes of standing under the shower, no interruptions, alone. Letting the shower wash over my head.  It was definitely my favourite part of the process.
This is the colour that I was left with. I did notice as I was rinsing out my hair that it was quite dry on the ends. I think if the product included a conditioner, like the hair dye packs do then this would easily combat this.  It actually did my oily roots some good thought so it wasn't all bad.  I was quite happy with the results and would gladly use it again if I had a colour mishap.

Do you dye your hair often? Have you had any dismal results of home dye jobs?

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