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FFS Friday 8th Feb

Friday, 8 February 2013

FFS Friday 8th Feb

It's FFS Friday time again. Time to get my bitch on!
This week has been fucking hard FFS
It's gotten worse as the week has worn on FFS
Stupid people are all up in my line of sight and apparently it's still illegal to kill them FFS
I have taken Devil Spawn out in public twice this week. Both times he was an embarrassment and I wanted to crawl under the nearest rock FFS
Our water is still has taken on a brown colour. There is no way I am bathing in that FFS
My 30 minutes of peace for the day is to chuck Devil Spawn in the bath and let him play until his heart contents. I'm not putting him in stinky brown water FFS
Apparently Chrissie Swan being snapped smoking is more newsworthy than an earthquake in the Solomon Islands FFS
Did I mention people are stupid FFS
I got a tooth pulled on Monday. My face still hurts FFS
I also have a sore throat FFS
I am tired and can't sleep all at the same time FFS
Apparently commenting on how fat a pregnant blogger has gotten is constructive criticism FFS
Every single morning this week I have been woken by a 3.5yo screaming in my face FFS
It doesn't end until he finally goes to sleep sometime after 9 FFS
Monday and Tuesday are daycare days, the days that I have to relax. My neighbours, every week without fail, use this day to use power tools all day FFS
They don't do it any other day of the week and they don't work FFS
What's been pissing you off this week? Let me know in the comments.
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