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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Stigma Within Stigma

Stigma.  It's everywhere and it affects everyone. Mental illness still in the 21st century is clouded by stigma. There are people suffering in silence because they believe asking for help is a sign of weakness. Imagine having your head filled to the brim with despair and disorder and having no where to go. The removal of stigma around mental illness has come such a long way in the last 20 years but we still have so much further to go.  

Amongst the mentally ill there is still stigma. I've lost count of how many times I have said to myself that I need to keep my mouth shut, need to buck up and deal with it. This is something that I have been dealing with personally for 11 years. Yet I still tell myself the same thing that I hate hearing from others.  Things that I would never say to anyone else. 

Self harm has a whole different level of stigma.  It's a stigma within a stigma.  Even those who suffer from a Mental Illness, who engage in activities that many think are outlandish, ideas that stray from the norm, see people who self harm as some kind of person to be revered.  There have been many conversations that I have been involved in, in an inpatient facility where other patients have struggled to see the need and desire behind the action of harming oneself. 

Society sees people drinking to excess, and almost turn a blind eye.  It's seen as people blowing off steam, almost a societal norm.  They are seen as coping mechanisms, nothing more.  People who drink to excess every weekend are 'ok'. However they are doing the same thing that people who self harm are doing.  Hiding the pain, replacing it with something else.  Yet people who physically harm their flesh are seen as monsters, attention seeking and sometimes just plain stupid. 

Self harming is a coping mechanism. It's a dysfunctional one, I will admit, but it is one nonetheless.  However with so much stigma around it, people are covering it up, pretending it doesn't exist.  Why NEED to talk about this.  We NEED to say it's ok to tell someone that you aren't coping.  We NEED to treat the symptom not the behaviour.  A person who self harms is not a monster, they are simply reaching for help when their words don't work.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Journey of Perfection

Laying in bed one night I had an epiphany. All of my best thinking seems to be done in bed at night.  Much to my desire to sleep's disgust.  I have taken to writing my thoughts down in a notebook or typing them into the notes section on my Iphone.  It certainly makes for better sleep and I remember my awesome ideas the next morning. 
Every night when I go to bed, I have plans to conquer the world the next day.  Suffice to say that I am definitely a night owl and am at my best and horribly worst in the late hours of the night.  I do my best writing and thinking after 10pm.  It's not always positive and it's not always productive.  Which is why I feel the need to write things down.  I need to get them out of my head.
The epiphany I had laying in bed one night was about perfection.  Perfection is something I think about a lot.  It's a source of guilt for me, as I am sure it is for a lot of people.  Always striving for that elusive perfection.  Then I got to thinking, when you get to the state of perfection..what then?  What comes when you reach the peak?
Then it hit me. We shouldn't be striving for perfection, we should be striving to learn from our journey. Perfection means that we have reached our destination, we stop moving.  Imagine going through life and not learning because well you think you have learnt all there is to learn.  Reaching perfection means that we don't feel the need to strive anymore.  It is kind of an anti climax.  Perfection is never really what we envision it to be. 
I hope that I never reach perfection. That I am never to the point where I feel there is nothing new to learn.  I hope that I will always be hungry for new knowledge. I hope that I will always be asking questions, looking for the information to satisfy the desire to learn.  I hope that it is something that we don't lose as each generation passes.  With so much at our fingertips now, I hope that it's not taken for granted. 
When are you at your best? Do you feel the hunger to continue to learn?

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Monday, 25 March 2013

I'm Awesome

This weeks prompt for I Must Confess is 'Why I'm Awesome' and I just knew that I couldn't resist a title like that. I am self confessed Queen of Awesomness. I'm awesome just ask me, I'll tell you.  I think people will struggle with this one as it's really hard to say nice things about yourself in an open forum. My suggestion? Don't take it so damn seriously.  It's life, it's not like you get out alive. 
1. I went clubbing in trackpants. With the tag still attached. I'm still not sure what is more awesome, the fact that I went out in them or that I was still allowed in.
2. I fail regularly at all of this housewifey shit but I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm no stepford wife.
3. I have THE BEST group of friends. Really couldn't ask for better ones. I could ask for more normal but hey where is the fun in that.
4. I drink my vodka out of a Wreck It Ralph cup I got from the cinema.  Just for added measure I drink from a straw that is fastened to the side of my cup with a paperclip. An icecream shaped paperclip so that makes it twice as awesome.
5. On more than one occasion I have gotten vodka in my eye. This may not seem awesome but when I drink it out of a straw it really is a super human effort on my part.
6. I totally perfected cheesey toast that shits all over the stuff you get at sizzlers.  I just never seem to have bread whenever I am craving the shit.
7. I won an award for most awkward tweeter on Friday. I can't remember what it was I wrote because I was drunk. Apparently it was awesome though. I am however still waiting for my badge for that shit.  Get to it people.
What makes you awesome?  Head on over to My Home Truths to check out everyone else's confessions!

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Personal Planner Review and Giveaway

I received one $40 to create my own personal planner.
I'm a self confessed stationary addict. I buy a new notebook, pen or some other piece of stationary at least once a week.  When I was offered the chance to try out the great new notebooks offered by Personal-Planner, there was no way that I could pass it up! 
                                         Personal Planner

I received my voucher via email with easy step by step instructions on how to activate it.  The whole process took less than 30 seconds and I was off, ready to create my personal planner.  The website was super easy to navigate with clearly set out site map.  The design process was broken down into each section of the personal planner.  It was simple to apply a component, check how it fit and undo if it didn't quite look right.  There was a multitude of page colours and designs to choose from. 
There are four sizes to choose from Small, Medium, Large and A5.  I chose a medium planner so that I could fit it in my bag. I was pleasantly surprised when the planner arrived and it was a reasonable sized square shape, leaving room in my bags diary pocket for pens and other accessories.
One of the best parts of the Personal Planner is that you can custom design the front and back covers.  If you are super creative you could upload a drawing. If you are like me and don't have a drawing bone in your body, then there is the option of uploading photos.  I was able to use photos that I had taken with my phone.  The website did warn me that the photos may not be high enough quality but they turned out great.  The website also gives you the option of a block colour with writing if you prefer something a little more simple.

The personal planner diary pages can also be designed to suit your needs.  You can include lines in the note space, as well as a to do list at the bottom of each page.  There is also the option to include your own key personal dates.  You can start the diary at any time of the year and it still runs for a full 12 months.  This makes it great if you need it for the financial year rather than the calendar year.  There is also the option to custom design the pages after the diary entry pages.  I included lined space, a yearly overview and table space.   

 I love the feel of the Personal Planner and the pages are made of heavy, quality paper.  The front and back covers are also covered with a plastic overlay to protect the great designs from damage.  Each planner also comes with an elastic closure in your choice of colour, a plastic sleeve and a ruler. 
Upon submitting my order, I was told that delivery could take three weeks.  I was then pleasantly surprised when the order turned up in my mail box after only 2 weeks.  I have ordered custom items in the past so I was extremely happy with this turn around.  I can't wait to start using it!
Have you got diary envy yet? I've got some great news for you then!  I have one voucher to create your very own planner for one lucky Musings of the Misguided reader.  All you have to do to enter is answer one simple question.  The best answer, chosen by me, will win the voucher. Entries close 7pm AEST on the 6th of April 2013.  Sorry guys Australian entrants only.
What's one thing that you would include in your custom designed planner?
Terms and Conditions
1. All decisions are final.
2. Competition begins 7pm AEST on the 23rd day of March in the year 2013 and closes 7pm AEST on the 6th day of April in the year 2013.
3. Each entrant is permitted to enter the competition once only.  Entries will be identified by email addresses and duplicate entries will be removed.
4. Competition is open to Australian residents only.
5. The winner receive one voucher to be redeemed at
6. The prize is not redeemable for cash.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lingering Love

A post I read a couple of days got me thinking about blog linkys.  It got me thinking about the good and the not so good of them. It made me second guess whether I want to play along anymore.
I love the new blogs that I find via linkys. I love that they expose me to blogs that I normally wouldn't read. I love that they bring new readers to Musings of the Misguided.  The little community they can create is great as well. It can sometimes feel like you have your own little clique when you find the kind of linky that just 'fits'.
I've found and kept reading some great bloggers through linkys.  I keep reading those blogs through social media. It's easier to see a glimpse into a person's life when you read more than a few words strung together on a blog post.  A blog post can be a window into a life, it's up to the blogger how far open the curtains are.
The blog post that got me thinking, made a comment about how linkys make people comment just for the sake of commenting.  Linkys have rules. It would descend into chaos if it didn't.  It does make me uncomfortable though that something someone writes, that could be heart on the page material for them is being commented on people who are 'just following the rules'.
How many of us go back after reading a post that a person wrote, reaching out for help, to see how that blogger is traveling? I know I'm guilty of doing the comment and dash, none of us a perfect.  I really hate that a person could feel the 'love' of multiple commentors and then the echoing silence of people going back to their lives. Rules met.
I hate saying things for the sake of saying things. I don't like 'blowing smoke up your arse'.  If I am going to say something, I am going to mean it, it's not going to be fluffy.  I am so thankful for those who have stuck around. I have loved getting to know you all and I hope the feeling is mutual.
If you are a blogger to link up to linky parties? Do you love them or loathe them? 

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

New Joint.

Just a short post from me today to let you know that you can find me over at The Shake. It's a great site filled with thought provoking, fun poking, drool inducing posts! 

On The Shake I am talking about Boy's Fashion. Or lack thereof. Please jump over and check out my post along with the other great contributors.

Some great news to add is that I will be a regular contributor so you can now check me out both here at Musings of the Misguided and The Shake.

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Growth Spurt

Devil Spawn seems to be on a never ending growth spurt the last 12 months! 

 Devil Spawn in my brothers preschool uniform

 His shoe next to mine. These ones are actually too small now!
 Last years long sleeved shirt!
 Random cute pic with my Aunties dog.

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sanity Saviour

Depression and other Mental Illnesses can zap you of any energy or motivation you have.  Sometimes the medications used to treat these can have an even worse effect. I have never made it a secret that I don't like housework. So I wanted to share with you what I do to make things easier each day. Things that make things run a little smoothly.
1. A lot of people fold their washing as they take it off the line, I take it one step further.  I take the clothes off the line in order of whose clothes they are.  Then when I come inside, all of the clothes are already in piles of whose room they belong in, meaning that I put them away straight away.  It takes a bit longer out at the line...but then again it's quicker than a giant Mt Washmore.
2. Devil Spawn has a bath for at least 30 minutes every night. I use this time to talk to Papa Devil on the phone. Also when I'm up to it, I use the time to tidy away Devil Spawns toys and do the washing up. He's happy and I get some quiet time. It's a win/win situation.
3. On days that I know are going to be hectic or just plain hard I make dinner in the slow cooker. It means that we get a decent dinner and there is usually left overs that I can freeze for easy dinners later.
4. When Devil Spawn goes to daycare, I make his lunch the night before.  I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, this means I have to do as little as possible when my brain is still foggy.
5.  After Devil Spawn has a bath at night, I dress him in a shirt for the next day. Then again, in the morning while still in a foggy, not really wanting to be awake daze I can leave the house at a reasonable time. At least on the days when we have to go somewhere.
6.  Daycare Days are my days. I do what I want, when I want it.  I don't pressure myself to do anything. I take them as my days to relax and regain myself. 
These are my sanity savers. They help me get through the week, the day, the hour.  I don't pretend to have all of the answers...I just do what works for me.
What are your sanity savers?
Linking up with #IBOT

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Monday, 11 March 2013

How to be a Hot Mummy Blogger

I'm a mummy blogger. I kind of fail at it most of the time because I think this whole motherhood caper is mother trucking hard.  I write the occasional recipe and household 'tip' aka how to avoid it and why I hate it so much.  Really the only thing that makes me fit the old stereotype mold of mummy blogger is that I have a child who is along for the joy ride. 
Anyone who knows me also know that I pretty much fail at the whole fashion thing too. I take comfort over looks.  When a fabulous tweeter said she was going to blog about her OOTD. I of course asked what it was (only stupid question is the question unasked right) and it turned out to be Outfit Of The Day.  So of course, who better to educate you on the fashion of a mummy blogger!?
First off...according to all sources 'Mummy Bloggers' do nothing but sit in front of their computer all day, lamenting about how awesome they are at parenting while leaving their child to fend for themselves.  This of course means that we are heading for something that is comfy and can enable you to sit on your rear end all day.
Some camps may indulge in the sarong or the singlet and 'yoga' pants.  The only yoga my yoga pants have seen is trying to contort myself to find the malteaser that's gone AWOL at some stage between my hand and my mouth.  My old favourite and sure to bring all the boys to the yard is my halter dress that has lost all of it's elastic.  Devil Papa says the sexiest thing about the dress is that one of the girls are always bound to come out and say hello. It's a sex symbol and comfy, what more could I ask for!?
The hair of a 'Mummy Blogger' is something that other peeps are totes jealous of.  It has a faux birds nest appeal that most others pay thousands in their local salon for.  A 'Mummy Blogger' has the joy of stepping out of bed to achieve this toddler walk fashion.  Picture if you will, grey regrowth pulled back into a pony tail or a becoming messy bun that screams abstract creation.  Many have tried to recreate this look but have only achieved a cheap knockoff.
A 'Mummy Blogger' doesn't subscribe to the pressures of society and instead prefers to go about her business as a fresh faced, breath of fresh air.  If she ever finds herself at the receiving end of an invitation that requires more than a fresh face, panic surely ensues.  It usually involves a quick scope of YouTube videos on how to apply a face that doesn't involve remnants of your child's food.
Shoes of course are optional. You don't need shoes to sit on your but at a computer all day. However if being a mother starts to interfere with your 'Mummy Blogging' career then thongs will suffice. If you want to be classy get some with some diamonte detail on top.  You'll be the envy of every one at the playground.
What are your fashion must haves? Do you tend to go for comfort over looking stylish?

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Pressure to Procreate

As a woman, it's always expected that you will want to procreate.  That your one mission in life, eventually is to be a mother.  I remember in high school my friends talking about the names they had picked out for their eventual babies. I didn't feel the same and while I didn't have a life plan, kids didn't really feature in the image I saw of myself. 
You would think that once you are 'with child' that they pressure would stop. That society would think, 'ok she's made her contribution, we'll stop hassling her now', but that couldn't be further from the truth.  The minute you have one child, everyone is wondering when you are going to be giving them a brother or sister. Labeling you as 'cruel' if you tell them that your child will be an only child.  In fact one of the cards I received when Devil Spawn was born had the sentiment 'he's gorgeous, can't wait until you have another one'.  I had pushed this baby out a mere week earlier and the pressure had started.
Let's talk about what is cruel shall we, about the reality of being pregnant and unmedicated.  Hormones already do strange things to normally rational women. Add to that a Mental Illness that can't be medicated while pregnant and you have a recipe for disaster. I was, for lack of a better term, bat shit crazy while pregnant.  I would go from crying, to screaming in a matter of minutes.  Poor Devil Papa didn't know what to expect or how to handle it.  I could not bring myself to knowingly put Devil Spawn through that. 
I use what little motivation I have most days on Devil Spawn. I don't think that I could spread it over 2 or more children.  Am I still being cruel for being happy to stop at one child? It is cruel to realise my weakness and work with what I have? No it's not. I know my limitations and Devil Spawn will always come first.  I know that if it did happen, I would somehow make it work but I would never knowingly try for another child because society has this notion that it's 'cruel' for a child to grow up alone.
I say it's cruel to bring a child into an environment that can't cope with it. It's cruel to have a child not because you want one but because it's the norm. It's cruel to bring another child into a family that is already struggling.  It is not cruel to realise that you have reached your limits and that you know you can give everything you have to one child, but will struggle with two. It is not cruel if having one child means that they will have a better life, will get what little their mama can offer them at this time.  A little spread over 2 is even less. I love Devil Spawn more than I thought it was even possible to love another human being and if I had my time again I'd do it all the same.
How many children do you have? Do you still feel the pressure to keep popping those bubbas out?
Are you childless by choice and feel the pressure to procreate?

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Parenting the Testosterone

It's no secret that having a child changes you in ways that you couldn't even begin to imagine before having a child.  You have these romantic ideas when you are pregnant of how you are going to be as a mother and well rarely does it turn out that way.  Both for the good and the bad.  There are times when I want to pull my hair out but I wouldn't change having Devil Spawn. 
Now there is somewhere I was going with all this. I have noticed over the last few weeks how different it is as a mother to be a parent to a boy. Yes a smelly, farting boy.  I wanted to share with you my take on being surrounded by a toddler with testosterone.
Be prepared, once they can talk, for the endless questions on why it is that you don't have a penis. Also be prepared for the look of horror when they realise that you don't have one.  The usual response is that they think it's been chopped off and you need to go to the doctor immediately.  This of course is met with hysterical laughter from me.
You will see LOTS of penis. Like more than a porn movie. Why? Because boys like to show off.  Many times Devil Spawn has yelled from the toilet...'look at this mummy' because he has found a new trick that he can get his man appendage to perform.  There is also the habit that never goes away, of always checking to make sure it's there. 
Fart jokes are always funny. Always. Even when you are in the middle of Coles and he lets one rip louder than a jumbo jet and stinkier than a day old cup of milk...he will think it's funny.  You will generally want to crawl under a rock because there will always be a judgey mcjudger within ear shot that can hear him screaming at the top of his lungs 'MUMMY I FARTED'. Just smile and nod. The more you tell him to shoosh, the louder he'll yell. Every time.

The pile of 'house' clothes will always be bigger than the pile of 'good' clothes.  Boys and toddlers in general seem to be big old magnets for dirt.  I think the only time Devil Spawn is completely clean is the 30 secs it takes him to go from the bathroom to his room after a bath. 

This is why we can't have nice things.

Do you have a boy? What are the things you are getting used to about having a son?   

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jo-Baz Hair Colour Remover Review

I received one Jo-Baz product to review. All opinions are my own.

I have already tried the Jo-Baz straightening product so when I was given the opportunity to trial the colour remover I was excited.  I have been dying my hair since I was 15. I was 'gifted' the awesome family genes that meant I started going grey at 13.  Now at 24 I'm all salt and pepper.  In the past I have gone with blue black as a favourite colour, which of course meant that it was next to impossible to go anything lighter.  My one attempt at doing a home job of going lighter resulted in me having bright red roots and no change the rest of my hair.  Going lighter was something I trusted to the professionals.  My last hair dressing appointment took 4.5 hours to lighten and redye, so I was a little skeptical when this product boasted being able to remove colour in the same amount of time as a hair dye.

  This is what my hair looked like when I started. The last colour that I put in was a Burgundy, which went from a nice purple to a kind of washed out reddish brown within a few weeks.

  According to the Jo-Baz website the Hair Colour remover works on the artificial dye molecules in your hair by shrinking them and allowing them to be washed away.  It is great for that colour that doesn't quite look how you want it or for when you want a quick change.  It is available in Normal and Max Strength.  Normal is used for medium tones, while Max is used for darker tones.  The product that I used was the Max strength.
When reading through the instructions I was surprised with how straight forward it seemed. I wondered if it would be that simple.  I was thankfully pleasantly surprised.  It was in fact much easier than putting a dye through my hair.  There were only a few simple steps and I was all finished in about  an hour.  Normally a hair dye takes me close to 45 minutes just to apply!
For the rinsing out the colour remover the instructions stated to take 5-10 minutes depending on the length of your hair.  It was 5 blissful minutes of standing under the shower, no interruptions, alone. Letting the shower wash over my head.  It was definitely my favourite part of the process.
This is the colour that I was left with. I did notice as I was rinsing out my hair that it was quite dry on the ends. I think if the product included a conditioner, like the hair dye packs do then this would easily combat this.  It actually did my oily roots some good thought so it wasn't all bad.  I was quite happy with the results and would gladly use it again if I had a colour mishap.

Do you dye your hair often? Have you had any dismal results of home dye jobs?

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Monday, 4 March 2013

I kinda suck at being a housewife

I'm linking up again this week with Kirsty for 'I must confess'. This weeks prompt is 'What household chores do you hate most'. I'm really glad that Kirsty said chores because I think I would struggled to just come up with one. 
Washing up: Most of the time it's just Devil Spawn and I so I have to do the cooking AND the cleaning. I would be happy to cook dinner if it meant that I never ever had to wash up again.  Sadly at 3.5, Devil Spawn is a little too young to start washing up.  He loves playing in the sink but I don't think I would have any plates left afterwards!
Clothes washing: It really is the chore that seems never ending. There is the putting it on, hanging it out, taking it off the line and then the folding and putting away. It really should be outlawed.  Although if you have my shitty washing machine, then there is an extra step of repositioning the clothes every spin.
Cleaning the toilet: I actually didn't mind this up until recently. When it was generally only me using the toilet and because I remain seated for the whole experience I don't piss all over the floor.  Now that Devil Spawn is toilet trained (well as well as any male can be) the toilet is cesspool of piss and skid marks.
Mopping: I live in government housing.  In someone's 'wisdom' the house I life in has cream tiles and lino.  I live on a road that leads to the industrial area of town. So that means that there is fuck tonne of trucks going past at all hours of the day. That also means that my nice cream floors are a nice grey most of the time. Even 30 minutes after I mop. 
Ironing: I don't do it. Ever. I have an iron that I was given as a birthday present. Thanks Granny.  I think my Mum has used it more often than I have.  My desire to use it is so low that I don't even have an ironing board lest it be easier to use.
Taking the bin out: I always forget (writing this post at 11pm actually reminded me) so have to do a mad dash at ridiculous o'clock to make sure it's on the gutter reading to be emptied.  It always stinks. I usually do the mad dash while holding my breath. Did I also mention that I am scared of the dark. 
What are your most hated household chores?  Head on over to My Home Truths and check out everyone's confessions!

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Generalisations Can be Harmful to Stigma: Psychiatric Hosptials

After BB posted the link to the article of a person's account of their friends stay in a psychiatric hospital, it got me thinking. If you would like to read the article then it can be found here.
I really struggled with the gross over generalisations that were made in this article.  Things that could easily be seem as scare mongering.  Imagine being a person whose psychiatrist has suggested you have some time in a psychiatric ward and you read this article. It's likely to make you shy away from even thinking of the prospect.  Being inside a psychiatric facility isn't easy, it's far from it but that is because you are working on issues that are plaguing your mind, stripping yourself bare and starting again. A psychiatric facility is sometimes the only safe place that you can do that.
I get the impression from the article that the writer's friend was in a private facility. Something that I have no experience with.  There were somethings in the article that did ring true for a public hospital but they were still gross generalisations.  I have seen patients who looked like walking zombies.  These patients were violent when not medicated. I have also seen these patients months down the track, once the medication is settled and they are a completely different person. They have gone from a person with delusions, suicidal behaviour, someone who couldn't function in society, to someone who you could sit down and have a conversation with. They are someone who can string words together. They are the good outcome of the psychiatric facility. 
Comparing the modern day facilities to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is just the tip of the iceberg.  While some nurses and doctors really shouldn't be in the profession anymore as their passion is gone, this is no reflection on the end result that a stay in a psychiatric ward strives for.  The author saw a glimpse in a persons journey.  She had no idea how far they had come or how far they had to go. 
The comments of the writer about her friend being 'normal' except for needing to be in a psychiatric facility are extremely harmful for the fight of stigma removal. Everyone is 'normal' until they suffer from life event that renders them helpless.  There is no shame in needing to be hospitalised. 
‘Everybody hates being here. People talk about killing themselves, not because they want to die but because they want to get out of the hospital’, said my friend Julie.
I have no idea on the amount of times that I have been admitted but I would say it would be over 20 times.  Some of these stays have been for a month at a time.  Not once have I seen a patient express these words.  I do wonder if they have been twisted. It was a common thread amongst depressed patients that they just wanted to get 'so that they could kill themselves' and so the hospital kept them in. It was not the hospital itself causing these thoughts, but the depression. They were already suicidal before coming into hospital and saw the people who were trying to help them as one more road block to their desire to be gone from this world.
The author of this article has no medical training, and yet commented on the medications that her friend was allowed to take.  The Drs and Nurses in a psychiatric facility want things to run as smoothly as possible.  They are not there to make your life difficult (even though it may seem like it when you are being admitted) but to keep you and the other patients safe.  They will give you the medication that will fit your medical needs. Just because one med worked for another, does not mean that it will work for you. 
This whole article just did not sit right with me, especially being from the friend of a friend in a psychiatric facility's perspective.  She was an outsider looking in.  She had no idea the issues that the other women were facing, or why they looked scared and unsure.  It can be pretty daunting to go into a strange place, even without suffering a mental illness. Add to the mix anxiety and you are bound to get a few people who look like a deer caught in headlights.  It may have come across more realistic if the friend had written it.  Seeing a glimpse of a ward, during visiting hours is not the same as staying in the ward.
The article has really done nothing to help the stigma that people feel about the 'looney bin'.  It saddens me that in 2013, we are still facing such close minded views. Views of those people who are looking from the outside, and get to go home to their cookie cutter life at the end of the day, not realising the damage that their words have done. 

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